My photography is an offshoot of my deep interest in portraiture; a fascination from my school days. Interaction with some of the most distinguished photographers in my hometown Bangalore in India; the Late C. Rajagopal and Late Dr. G. Thomas among many others instilled in me a creative urge in the medium of photography, which eventually became my passion. The sojourn for more than two decades has been eventful, memorable and most satisfying. From a pictorial portraitist to an image-maker of a variety of subjects, I have been following the light trying to make images that will communicate my vision.

This website is about my photographic work and approach to my subjects; be it portraits, landscapes, nature, street or architecture. As a darkroom photo printer during the analogue days, I have always been fascinated by the monochrome medium. My portraits in monochrome were generally presented in low-key lighting a style that developed after a few images got noticed in photographic salons. In recent years, I have been fortunate to visit a good number of places that have broadened my vision and helped me search for unique perspectives. Therefore, a good number of travel images form an integral part of my current portfolio. Moreover, coming from Bangalore, now Bengaluru, one would always be inclined to capture nature and I am no exception! A few nature images and some from my experiences in Africa are included in my portfolio.

The UAE experience has helped me contemplate on my approach and objective to create a distinct style in the medium which transited to the digital world. The experience has resulted in my deeper interest in landscapes; particularly on my fascination - the dunes.

My photography today is not restricted by subject or location but an obligation to make meaningful images with honesty and compassion.

Mohammed Arfan Asif